Long Lost….

it has been awhile since i’ve written on here….like 9 months. But i should know by now that we all need certain outlets for our stresses. This has (will) become mine. My english and grammar will suck, but i dont care. this is me. so what has happened in the last year? not a lot.

For starters…i got a job. yay for full-time! boo for shitty coworker(s?). At work we are getting comps, FINALLY! Holy crap this has been a long time coming. The only problem with this new life for Silverado is job security. Idk if i will make the cut, but if i don’t, then so be it. And now moving on….

Love life…we’ll skip over that one. 

Oh ya, I am best man at one of my best friends wedding and i am actually nervous for my speech. yes, me, nervous. ehh…ill nail it……..i hope. so, now i shall go to sleep…


Its been awhile…

Today was a little difficult. Leaving my family in MO for family in CA. I know that I actually have friends in CA but I don’t really think I’m going back to amything but those two things. Friends and family. Damn(?) haha

I sit on this plane (I’m writing this via my iPod but I’ll transfer over to tumblr later) and like to watch people. Especially when they first get on; but getting poked, stabbed, jabbed, pushed, and even slapped (believe it) makes it kinda difficult. That’s what I get for sitting in an aisle seat. There are moms trying to rile up their kids, dads who just want the emergency aisle seating, grandmas who somehow get the best seats on the plane, kids facing backwards, screaming babies, but the most enjoyable thig to watch. Well, that would have to be people trying to find spots in the overhead compartments. Business men are the rudest and somehow take up the most space. They have a carry-on, a briefcase and there sport coat and all of it HAS to go up top! Wtheck dude? I even saw this guy today watch as a lady struggled to get her bag up top, he just stood behind her and literally tapped his foot! Hahahaha…what a dick. I know, I know you might be asking why I didn’t help her? Lemme tell you, I was too far away to help but I did think about it if that counts.

I sit next to this couple who are quiet. Boring, but I’m on the tipsy side thanks to a couple ‘free drink’ coupons, so that could be a little unfair. But this lady pulls out her iPod and starts listening to something. And I’m just zoning out thanks to my music and vodka when all of a sudden the lady starts twitching and shaking, I thought she was having a seizure. Nope, she was aging some shooting game on her iPod but it was motion activated so she was moving all over the place! Haha I had a cute little chuckle to myself when I realized what was really going on!

MCI is the dumbest airport. Flat out. They put you in this line like your a cow waiting to get slaughtered just for security. When you get to your holding area before the slaughter your Ina space about 30ft from wall-to-wall and about a 1/8 mile long that holds 15 gates. There is one quiznos, a ‘food nook’ and ‘bar’. And the best part of holding 1500 people, 2 bathrooms with 2 stalls each. Man, whatever idiot thought that one up needs some serious help. The bigger 40+ person bathrooms are on the other side of the looking glass and security! Damn them!

So I got a stop in AZ and then home at last! I’ll post this later…


..with going home and getting my shit together. I don’t have a whole lot but i feel like I have a million things I need to do. I cleaned today. not fun, but was glad that i could please my mom with my work around the house. That could sound gross…hopefully it doesn’t though. So, i still have no job and no car when i get back. SOOOOOOOO that means that I’m not going back for anything. Shit. Damn. Fuck. Huh? 

This is a short one for ya guys. 

Tumblr Report…

Well, it’s Sunday night and everything’s alright I think I will get some sleep. Not now though. Anyways, this was my last weekend in Kansas City, MO. Man, retrospectively it seems like this trip has gone by really fast but when your in-the-moment it seems to just drag on. Haha. But, I’m glad that I was able to come out here and help my mom. Hmmm…what did I do this weekend. OH i know…on Saturday, I didn’t do much but help out at home and do a few things around the house. But Saturday night I went to a Royals game!!! Wooooo! They. Totally. Lost!!!! I know, I know all, of you (maybe none) are jealous i went and saw one of the worst teams in the MLB. But please refrain from all the happy remarks you want to send my way! haha. 

They lost, in case you were hanging by the edge of your seat waiting to see if they did or not. But, they got the win back tonight. Which means nothing. In other MLB news, and in which i believe all of you (whoever you are) know that the Giants clinched their division! Yeah baby girl! 

In NFL news, my packers won today but they were so far ahead and aloud the Lions to get within field goal range of winning. WTF mate?!?! haha

Hmmm…what else, oh my Bro and his family came over today and i was able to see them before I leave which is awesome! But made me sad. Hmmmm….no realy update today, ill try and post some pics later. 

Laughing yet confusing...Royals game

Dear Tumblr

I sit downstairs on my sis’ couch with my legs propped up on my bed. Yeah, that sounds weird but seeing as I’ve been living down here for the last three months it’s not biggie. But, what is there to write about? 

I’ve come to the realization while living here…that i don’t know exactly what I want. Should I though? I don’t know what I want from anything, relationships, family, work, people in general. I feel that if I even try at anything and don’t succeed, I’m automatically a failure. I do try. But obviously not hard enough, I’m almost five years out of high school and for some reason i can’t really complete one fucking semester of college. Like WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with me? haha. Serious question but I feel i need to damper the truth so that i can better handle it. ugh. This post is more a complaint about my failure as a person then anything. Lo siento for ‘waaaah’ factor of it. haha

Hmmmm…better news? I move back to Cali in about 6 days! woo! Soooo excited! Well, except for not having a car and no job. That part sucks nuts too. 

My mom’s carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow. That should be fun…or not! haha. Oh shit, how could I forget?!?! I’m going to Cheesecake Factory tomorrow! Yeah boooy! haha. hmmmm…what else, what else. 

To Whom It May Concern,

I love you. But i hate everything you’ve done. 

The End. 



I love my ipod, but i also hate it very very much. This guy likes to not connect to the internet all the time. But, the kicker is that it does while I’m using the internet!(?) The way I find out is when I’m trying to load a new page it all-of-a-sudden doesn’t load. Like WTF?!?! Haha…It also decides whether or not it really wants to play music back to me. Soooometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. What. a. jerk! Haha….

This blog, if you can call it that, doesn’t seem really important. But it does fill up my time temporarily. WOO! Hmmmmm…what’s there to say? Oh, I hung out with my mom today also. We went to lunch at Five Guys and a Burger and then when and saw The Other Guys. That movie was funny, but really stupid. Uhhhh….so whats with all the chicken everywhere? Man, it’s getting crazy………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


un otro…

Toooooooooooday….well, lets seeeeeeee here….i didnt do much. Which blows, I NEED an f’in job. But, thats all talk, which i absolutely hate about myself. Everything is just talk. Thats me….All talk no action. I need to learn how to motivate and stay motivated. Whats wrong with me? i seem to always find a reason not to do something. Oh shit, I feel like my dad. Anyways….i need to do something with my life. Wow, reading back on this…I go off on tangents. haha. 

Well, my team the GB Packers are playing as wee speak, to the Chi Bears. The Bears were sucking in the first half, so it seemed like a sure win for the Packers. You know, keeping to about 3 defensive penalties and 3 sacks. Now, Cutler is just raging up and down the field. It’s like WTF?!?! And to top it off, I can’t even watch the game. My sis and a friend are watching some BS chick flick…Don’t girls have any respect for the love of football? haha I’m getting highlights while i write this…COME ON PACKERS!!! DON’T F THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, seeing that i got that out of the way….we can now move on…hopefully. 


Well, lets just say I’m not happy. Shiiiiiipoopie. 



Well, this weekend has been sorta entertaining. My sis’ boyfriend came into town (which i do believe i talked about before) and I hung out with him a couple of times. Nice guy so far…aaaanyways, the reason I didn’t post up yesterday was because i was out late. I ended up going down to this place called ‘The Plaza’ which is the ritzy part of KC. They have a movie theater, some really nice restaurants, and a lot of shopping. Soooo it’s perfect for women. Haha. 

So, went down there to this place called Jack Stack’s BBQ, it was actually pretty good. Just waaay expensive. After that we went walking around (Oh shoot; ‘we’ is me, my sis Lori, my bro Jason, our friend Courtney and her bf Matt) and ended up meeting up with Lori’s old co-workers at Tomfooleries i think it was called. But, that’s not what i was there for. I was there to go to the movies and see The Town. 

Now, that movie was pretty sick. And I’m very surprised at Ben Aflecks acting, I always had a bias against him but he did himself justice in this flick. 


Today, i sat and watched the Kansas City Chiefs completely demolish anything the SF 49’ers had going for themselves. It. Was. Bad!!!Jjust disgusting. UGH! haha, well I am partially glad that I’m not a complete Niners fan. That would be embarrassing. And thats about all for today…sorry I didn’t post yesterday. phew, this seems like a lot but im not sure it is. Time will tell. 

Ohhhhhhh….and speaking of chicken, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo JEALOUS of my friends going and seeing MUSE on Tuesday. DAMMIT! You know who you are….Kristen Feeney and Cj Mendez (hopefully your reading this?) Muahaha…image